Apple announced the second-generation iPhone SE (2020), a powerful new iPhone featuring a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, paired with Touch ID for industry-leading security. It comes in a compact design, reinvented from the inside out, and is the most affordable iPhone.

The new iPhone SE is powered by the Apple-designed A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone, to handle the most demanding tasks. iPhone SE also features the best single-camera system ever in an iPhone, which unlocks the benefits of computational photography including Portrait mode, and is designed to withstand the elements with dust and water resistance.

If you plan to buy the new iPhone SE 2020 or have already purchased it, make sure to go through our list of the best tips and tricks for it to make the most out of it.

The below tricks and tricks will help you get to know your iPhone SE better, discover some of its hidden features, and more.

Directly Transfer Data From Old iPhone

Coming from an older iPhone? You don’t have to use iTunes or iCloud to transfer data between your old iPhone and the 2020 iPhone SE. Instead, just keep your old iPhone nearby when setting up your iPhone SE and you will automatically get an option to directly transfer all data from it.Here’s how to set up your new iPhone by migrating data from your previous one.

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Use “Hey Siri” Without A Charger

The hands-free “Hey Siri” feature used to be restricted to the iPhone 6s, but thanks to the new motion coprocessor that has been carried over to the iPhone SE, you can also use it while not having to plug in your iPhone into a wall outlet. Simply go to your Settings > General > Siri and enable Hey Siri from there.

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Get A Fast Charger

The 2020 iPhone SE supports 18W fast wired charging, though Apple ships the device with a paltry 5W USB-A charger. Since the iPhone SE does not really have the best battery life, you should invest in a USB-C fast charger and Lightning-to-USB-C cable. This will allow you to charge your iPhone SE from 0-50% in just 30 minutes.

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Try Apple Pay With Your NFC Chip

The iPhone SE contains an NFC chip, as opposed to all of the other 4-inch devices. You can therefore make full use of Apple Pay and conduct contactless payments with your iPhone SE.

Turn On Dark Mode

To turn on Dark Mode, open the Settings app and tap Display & Brightness. At the top of the next screen you’ll see Light and Dark options side by side – tap the one you want to use. You can also set Dark Mode to come on automatically at certain times, such as from dusk until dawn.

Protect Your Notes Using Touch ID

Privacy is important and so are your notes. Why not seal the sensitive ones with a virtual padlock? You can use Touch ID or a Passcode in order to protect your notes. Tap the Share button in the top right corner and select Lock Note from the menu.

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Touch ID

Register up to five different fingers to make unlocking your iPhone easier. In order to improve the reliability of fingerprint recognition, scan the problematic finger again in a new Touch ID slot. Want to add more than five fingers to Touch ID? Be sure to tap the Home button with different fingers during a single Touch ID enrollment process.

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QR code scanning

The new iPhone SE lets you scan QR codes with the built-in Camera and get relevant popup actions, like visiting the encoded URL, without having to use third-party apps. You can also scan QR codes and documents from the Home screen or through the Control Center, as well as use the QR code scanner to join Wi-Fi networks, scan documents in the Notes app and more.

Gesture Typing

iOS 13 lets you type by swiping when using the stock keyboard (Slide to Type must be on in Settings → General → Keyboard) As you slide to type, you see suggested alternatives to the word you’re entering rather than predictions for your next word. To enter accented letters or other alternate characters, tap and hold a key and then slide to choose one of the options.

Disable Auto-Brightness

Your brand spanking new iPhone SE defaults to automatic brightness control to preserve battery life. If you don’t want the iPhone SE screen brightness to change automatically according to your surroundings, simply disable the Auto-Brightness setting in Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations (which should show as “On”).

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Force-Restart iPhone SE

Force-restarting an iPhone SE is, however, slightly different from the iPhone 6s and older phones. To force-restart your iPhone SE, quickly press the up volume button and then the down volume button and then hold the power button pressed until the phone force-restarts.

Portrait Lighting

Despite coming with a single rear camera, the iPhone SE lets you take Portrait photos. It also has Portrait Lighting feature that lets you change the background of a Portrait Mode photo. You can switch to Studio Light to Contour light to a totally black background with the Stage Light effect. And that looks really cool. In total, there are six effects for you to choose from. Do note that the Portrait mode on the 2020 iPhone SE does not work with pets and other objects.

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Connect Multiple AirPods

The 2020 iPhone SE supports Audio Sharing which allows you to share whatever audio you are playing on your AirPods to another pair of AirPods as well. Just open the AirPlay section from Control Center and flick open the second pair of AirPods to connect and use it alongside your own AirPods.

Silence Unknown Callers

You can automatically silence all incoming calls from unknown numbers that are not stored in the Contacts app on your iPhone. Just go to Settings -> Messages and enable the Silence Unknown Callers option. These calls will then go straight to your voicemail if you are using it.

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