Advertisement Policy

Our standard terms and conditions for advertising products and services:

Any form of promotion in either printed form of one of the publisher’s titles or inserted thereto any sponsorship of any event of the publisher, or any service provided by the publisher to advertise for which the publisher receives payment is called “Advertisement”.

Every advertiser and advertising agency (“Publisher”) submitting any order for advertising on our website of Abijita Foundation, agrees to the following terms and conditions. The publisher’s order and the following terms and conditions form the basis of the contract between the Publisher and Abijita Foundation.

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  • Abijita Foundation will use reasonable endeavor to publish the Publisher’s advertisement in the format submitted and in accordance with the instructions of the Publisher. The positioning or placement of any advertisement will be at the discretion of Abijita Foundation unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
  • The Publisher warrants that the advertisement does not contravene any relevant statute or regulations made thereunder, nor is it in any way defamatory or illegal or an infringement of any other party’s rights. The Publisher further warrants that the advertisement complies with the laws applicable in Nepal and/or in the countries in which the publication will be circulated or sold.
  • Reasonable care will be taken to avoid mistakes but Abijita Foundation cannot accept liability for any errors due to the acts, omissions, or defaults of third parties or sub-contractors or inaccurate copy instructions or materials or other acts or defaults beyond its control. Abijita Foundation shall not be liable for any errors in the advertisement unless any proof is returned in sufficient time (as the publisher shall in its absolute discretion determine) for corrections to be made before the publication goes online or to press.
  • Advertisements are accepted on condition that the price quoted for the advertisement binds the Publisher only in respect of the next issue going online or to press. The Publisher reserves the right, by giving notice to the Abijita Foundation at any time before the advertisement is published, to increase the price of the contract to reflect any increases in the cost to the Publisher which is due to any factor beyond its control.
  • The rate for the advertisement will be as agreed by the two parties. If Abijita Foundation has quoted a rate to publish a specific quantity of advertising over a specific period of time and a lesser quantity is submitted for publication by the Publisher during that period, the full charges of the agreement will be paid by the Publisher.
  • The payment for any advertisement shall be made within 24 hours of the date of the invoice.
  • The Publisher shall check any proofs of advertising promptly. Abijita Foundation does not accept any responsibility for errors in advertising material that has been submitted electronically by the Publisher.
  • Cancellation of any advertisement or campaign must be received in writing from the Publisher 24 hours before the publication date in order to receive a 100% refund. Any cancellations of any nature received after the Cancellation Deadline shall be subject to the cancellation fee of 100% or lesser at the sole discretion of Abijita Foundation.
  • By submitting any advertising material to Abijita Foundation or authorizing or approving the publication of the advertisement by Abijita Foundation on your behalf, the Publisher warrants that the advertising material complies with all relevant laws and regulations, and that its publication will not give rise to any claims or liabilities against Abijita Foundation, our partners, our directors, employees or agents.
  • Abijita Foundation makes no representation or warranty in relation to the number of visitors to our websites or the number of impressions at any site except for any made expressly in writing by us. Except for any warranty or representation made expressly in writing by us, the Publisher acknowledges that the Publisher has not relied on any advice given or representation made by Abijita Foundation or on its behalf in connection with the advertising.
  • Abijita Foundation has no liability to the Publisher and the Publisher indemnifies Abijita Foundation in relation to any failure of telecommunications services or systems which affect Abijita Foundation’s receipt of the Publisher’s advertisement or the publication thereof.
  • Abijita Foundation reserves its right to change these terms and conditions at any time for future advertisement. Such changes shall apply to the provision of advertising services after the date the change becomes effective. The Publisher and Abijita Foundation will be bound by the terms and conditions that are current as at the date of the Publisher’s order.
  • These terms and conditions, together with your Advertising Agreement Online, represent the entire agreement between the Publisher and Abijita Foundation in relation to the advertising services.