Malwarebytes is expanding into privacy with the release of a new Windows VPN service called Malwarebytes Privacy. Malwarebytes plans on offering Mac, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS versions in the future.

Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-gen VPN that helps protect your privacy and your personal information when you go online. The VPN secures your connection, keeping your online activity private and protected.

Malwarebytes Privacy is available today for $59.99 as a stand-alone product for supporting five devices or can be bundled with a 1-year license of Malwarebytes Premium for $89.99. When combined, users save $49.99.

Most importantly, Malwarebytes Privacy does not collect user logs or telemetry data whatsoever. Your data remains private—even from us.

What makes Malwarebytes Privacy next gen?

If you have used other VPNs in the past, you may have experienced a serious slow-down of your Internet traffic. This is a logical consequence of tunneling through a remote server. But if you compare Malwarebytes Privacy to other VPNs, you will experience a smoother flow of traffic that is much faster than traditional VPNs.

Not only does Malwarebytes improve your Internet speed compared to other VPNs. It also:

  • Doesn’t slow down your computer
  • Shows less battery usage for portable devices
  • Uses best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption

As VPNs move from the workplace to the home, Malwarebytes Privacy uses the latest technology to give users better performance and privacy online.

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