A new iOS text bug has been discovered that causes iPhones to crash. The flaw involves several characters from the Sindhi language that cause iOS to lock up and an iPhone to crash.

The string of text includes the Italian flag emoji and characters in the Sindhi language. When an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch receives a notification with this text string, things get wonky. Sometimes, your device will crash, while other times it completely stops responding to touch input, and much more. 9to5Mac reports that the latest 13.4.5 beta appears to fix the issue, so it’s clear Apple is aware of the problem.

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The issue does appear to be fixed in the latest iOS 13.4.5 beta, but that update is not available to everyone just yet. Generally, Apple rolls out a fix for these problems quickly, so we should expect iOS 13.4.2 or even iOS 13.4.5 to be released to everyone sooner rather than later.

One temporary fix, until Apple releases software updates to resolve the problem, is to disable notifications on your devices. Thankfully, if you do receive a message with the text string in it, you can reboot your device and things should be back to normal.

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