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HP Slow Startup ? Here’s How To Fix In 5 Minutes

You can fix a slow laptop by conducting normal maintenance on your machine, such as freeing up hard drive space and running the Windows hard drive utilities. You can also prevent unneeded programs from launching when your laptop starts and add more RAM memory to increase performance. In most cases you won’t need to reinstall Windows as one of the following tips should get your computer booting up quickly again.


How To Control CPU Fan Speed | Quiet Your PC

Fans are a very important part of a PC and laptop as they cool the components when things start to get hot. This can also mean that after a few minutes of any intensive tasks your rig starts to sound like an aircraft taking off. You could install quieter fans (in a PC), but here we’ll show you a few ways to control fan speed and quieten your machine for free.


Why Your Smartphone Battery Is Draining Fast ?

Almost 60-70% of the people in the world are now using a smartphone. Everyone encounters a problem with battery reinforcement. A mobile operating system like Android consumes much battery compared to others. On the average, Android battery lasts about 6-7 hours. Long-lasting battery life was always an important factor for buyers to consider before purchasing any phone.


How Fingerprint Sensors Work

Many modern IoT applications rely on fingerprint sensors for added safety and security, and to easily identify users. Fingerprint sensors are widespread in smartphones and other wearables, as well as in smart industry and smart home applications for entry identification and data security. The two most common fingerprint sensors in use today are optical sensors and capacitive sensors. Here’s how they work.