Both Apple and Google have come out with their most refined OS for the mobile devices. Each operating system has their own features which make it different from the competitors’. Apple and Google have identified similar goals to tackle with future versions of their respective platforms. Now that both have had a chance to unveil the next versions of their operating systems, we can look at their current features side by side. However, since both Apple and Google like to save some surprises for the actual phone launch, this won’t be a final evaluation by any stretch. So, lets talk about the features of both OS.

iOS 12 Features


With iOS 12, Apple is making your lock screen a lot clearer. Instead of seeing the notifications separately like in iOS 11 and the versions before that, you will now get them stacked together, grouped according to the type. There’s also a new option called Manage where you can choose whether you want to get the notifications silently or want them switched off altogether.


iOS 12 now comes with the provision of creating a virtual avatar. Residing next to Animoji in iMessage, the new feature also uses FaceID to capture your expressions. Memojis can also be superimposed in your FaceTime call, making them a lot more fun.

Screen Time

Apple wants you to spend less time staring at your screen. And to manage just that, the new OS version comes with a feature called ‘Screen Time’. Located as an option in Settings, it gives you a breakdown of the time you are spending on your device.

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Siri Shortcut

Very soon you will be able to develop your very own shortcuts and build custom commands for Siri. If you say “Hey Siri, let’s go Trekking”, the voice assistant will show you the weather, places you can go for the trek, and the reminder to get your gear.Very soon you will be able to choose a suggested action and set a phrase for triggering the action.

Group FaceTime

Apple will in a few days roll out the option to add over 32 people on the group FaceTime call – along with Memojis.

Android P Features

Buy Me A Coffee

Indoor Navigation

With Android P, you can navigate your ways inside a building with its support for IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol.


The feature enables the users to access the functionality of one app outside of it. Example, when you type in Lyft in the Android P Google Search, an interactive pop-up – Slice – will come up with the choice to book a cab, eliminating the need to leave your action and opening the Lyft app.

Smart Messaging

You now have the option to view the images attached in the message in the notification bar itself. Secondly, the provision of Smart Reply has been extended from Gmail to messages as well.


Android P has now restricted apps that are running in the background to access the device’s mic and camera. With this, if the app tries to use your camera without your permission, it will be shown a system error and similarly, if an app uses your mic without your knowledge, will receive a blank sound.

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Support for HEIF and HDR VP9 Video Format

Both the file formats have been introduced with Android P to help users capture clearer and high quality video and images.

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Notches and gestures

Android P isn’t fully gestural, though — it still relies on the back button — which makes the experience feel less fully formed than it is on the iPhone X. Since Android phone makers like to leave their own mark, gestures and notches will have less uniformity on Android than on future iPhones. Case in point: Android P supports a central notch, a corner notch and a notch on both the top and bottom screens.

Google Assistant versus Siri

Siri’s upgrades in iOS 12 focus on making your iPhone predict what you want before you seek it out. A new app called Shortcuts lets you set up profiles that run through a step-by-step routine when you say certain keywords. For example, “Headed home” can text your spouse, play your preferred radio station and start navigation to the day’s least trafficked route. However, Google has developed six new voices for Google Assistant. It can handle a string of questions or a grouped command, and teach your kid manners. Google is also working on ways to make Assistant sound human enough to maintain a short conversation with other humans, while making a reservation or appointment on your behalf.

Face unlock

Android’s version of Face Unlock is noted to be convenient, but not as secure as a fingerprint. Secure face unlock through Face ID is Apple’s world, and its iPhone X was the first phone to use a 3D front-facing camera.The iris-unlocking that exists in Samsung’s phones like the Galaxy S9, is considered secure, but also exclusive to Samsung phones.

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