Google has said that it is aware of the Pixel Watch’s backplate falling off issue and it is working to identify its cause.

“We’re aware of a very small number of Google Pixel Watch users having an issue with the glass on the back of the watch. We’re working to identify its cause and rectify the situation as quickly as possible,” the tech giant said in a statement to Android Police.

Last week, some Google Pixel Watch owners reported that their watch’s backplate was randomly falling out.

Taking to Reddit, several users reported this issue.

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The majority of the users claimed that when they took the Pixel Watch out of the charging puck, the back fell off.

This suggests that there might be a problem with the glue holding the watch’s back and case together.

In March this year, some Pixel Watch users reported that their alarms had been going off late because of a bug.

While one user said that their alarm for 7 p.m., set as a reminder to give their son milk, had been going off late for the last few days.

Another said that their alarm had gone off a few minutes before or after the set time.

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