Over the past few weeks, ads for online gambling and online betting have surged on Facebook and Instagram, promising instant riches and life-changing wins.

The ads raise serious concerns about the potential for addiction, financial harm, and the targeting of vulnerable demographics, especially younger users.

The truth is, that these apps are often unregulated, potentially rigged, and can lead to serious addiction and financial ruin.

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It’s super frustrating. My Facebook feed is overflowing with ads for online gambling lately, even though I wouldn’t touch those sites with a ten-foot pole! It doesn’t make sense – I haven’t interacted with anything gambling-related, and my ad preferences should be filtering those out. Something’s fishy with the targeting on these platforms!

It’s time to hold Facebook and Instagram accountable. They rake in tons of money from these ads, but what’s the cost to their users?

They’ve forgotten that social media should be about connecting with people, not luring them into a digital casino.

Bottom line: gambling ads have no place on social media. Tech companies should step up and protect their users – before it’s too late.

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