If you are running a blog, an eCommerce website or a news portal then creating a regular backup is the best thing for your website security. If anything goes wrong then it gives an option to restore the website to an earlier time.  This means that if your site crashes, is attacked, modified, or damaged in any way, you’re able to check back on the list of backups and restore the site to its original state–or one of the most recent versions.

WordPress backup plugins have begun getting more user-friendly and advanced, adding more features and providing interfaces for users to easily make their backups and protect the files in the process. In addition, all site owners want a simple way to restore the files, so that has been a focus as well. There are many backup plugins (Free & Paid) that are available for download. However, we, Abijita Foundation recommend you to use WP Time Capsule and the reason besides it.

The WP Time Capsule plugin has a free, fully-featured version for 30-days. After that, the Business version starts at $49 per year and provides real-time backups, test restores, and vulnerability notifications. The incremental backups are used to ensure that your website doesn’t experience any performance issues while also providing up to 30 days of restoration files. In addition to that, you can utilize the plugin on up to two sites in the Business version. You can also choose from the $99 per year Freelancer version or the $199 per year Agency version. All of the plans allow you to make a full-time payment to decrease the price in the long term.

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Quite a few other features help to enhance the power of the WP Time Capsule plugin. For example, you receive one-click staging, test updates, and test restores in the staging area. In addition, you’re able to move your staging websites to live version in the WP Time Capsule plugin. The plugin takes incremental backups to a new level, with a process that involves cloud usage and a system that doesn’t zip files. Multiple files are never copied, and you can even take advantage of incremental restores, where you restore certain files and choose the times in which the restores should come from.

White-labeling is also provided in some plans, but you would have to upgrade in order to remove the branding from WP Time Capsule.

Why Is This One of the Best WordPress Backup Plugins?

  • WP Time Capsule offers both incremental backups and restores. This means you’re able to improve your site performance and make your restores easier by never copying files during backups and only choosing the specific files needed for those restores.
  • The pricing for WP Time Capsule is quite reasonable, especially considering you get backup tools and much more.
  • Staging functionality is also provided, allowing you to push a site from staging to live and also test all of your updates in the staging module.
  • You’re asked to make a backup of your site whenever you update items like plugins or WordPress. In addition to this, you can set a staging area for these updates to see how your site would respond to such a change.
  • The plugin has a quick restore feature, along with the unique ability to restore your site in a staging area. This way, you know what the site looked like at that point in time and you don’t have to guess.
  • There are also many other features for protecting your site from hackers, keeping your eCommerce stores safe, and cutting down on your storage bill.
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