YouTube has officially launched its streaming television service’s new “multiview” feature that will allow subscribers to watch up to four different programs at the same time.

“We’ve officially launched our multiview feature for WNBA League Pass subscribers on YouTube TV & YouTube (w/ Primetime Channels). Enjoy multiview streams while watching WNBA games on smart TVs and streaming devices,” TeamYouTube tweeted on Saturday.

The feature that was in testing is now officially available just ahead of this fall’s NFL Sunday Ticket streams.

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According to Google’s support page, multiview allows you to watch up to four streams at the same time on a smart TV or streaming device, like Chromecast or Fire TV Stick.

YouTube’s multiview feature allows you to watch multiple pre-selected live games simultaneously within a Primetime Channel.

“Multiviews may appear on your streaming device or smart TV’s YouTube app, including on the Home tab under “Recommended multiviews” and in Watch Next recommendations when you are watching live games. You can also find them on a Primetime Channel’s homepage where multiviews are available, such as the NFL or WNBA channels,” Google mentioned.

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