Elon Musk on Wednesday said that the micro-blogging platform will make its algorithm “open source” next week, and improve it “rapidly.”

When Musk tweeted, “Say what you want about me, but I acquired the world’s largest non-profit for $44B lol.”

One user commented, “Right. Now open source it, then we’ll be truly impressed.”
“Prepare to be disappointed at first when our algorithm is made open source next week, but it will improve rapidly!” Twitter CEO replied.

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Last week, Musk said that the micro-blogging platform will provide users the ability to adjust the algorithm to their “closer match”, in the “coming months”.

Meanwhile, the micro-blogging platform has announced that the users will get a “heads up” if a Community Note shows on a Tweet they have replied to, liked, or retweeted.

The company tweeted from its @CommunityNotes account: “Starting today, you’ll get a heads up if a Community Note starts showing on a Tweet you’ve replied to, Liked, or Retweeted. This helps give people extra context that they might otherwise miss.”

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