Microsoft has announced that it has increased conversation limits on Bing AI to 60 total chats per day.

Last week, the tech giant implemented limits of 5 chat turns per session and a total of 50 per day.

However, now, the company has increased the chat turns per session to 6 and expanded to 60 total chats per day.

“Since placing the chat limits, we have received feedback from many of you wanting a return of longer chats, so that you can both search more effectively and interact with the chat feature better,” the company said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“We intend to bring back longer chats and are working hard as we speak on the best way to do this responsibly,” it added.

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Moreover, the tech giant is planning to increase the daily cap to 100 total chats soon.

With the “coming change”, the normal searches will no longer count against the chat totals.

Microsoft is also going to test an additional option that will allow users to choose the tone of the chat from more Precise, to Balanced, to more Creative.

“The goal is to give you more control on the type of chat behavior to best meet your needs,” it added.

Last week’s decision to implement some conversation limits to Bing AI came as Bing AI went haywire for some users during the chat sessions.

ChatGPT-driven Bing search engine triggered a shockwave after it told a reporter with The New York Times that it loved him, confessed its destructive desires, and said it “wanted to be alive”, leaving the reporter “deeply unsettled.”

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