Many Outlook users are facing issues with their spam email filters that were broken and junk mail reached users’ inboxes.

Many Outlook users in Europe faced the same issues, seeing an inbox full of spam messages.

“Outlook spam filter is garbage,” an Outlook user tweeted.

“Glad I’m not the only one that has been having problems! I hope Microsoft is on the case. Very annoying!” another posted.

It was advisable for users to temporarily disable notifications for email apps on smartphones that are connected to their Outlook personal account to avoid getting notifications for spam emails.

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Microsoft Outlook was yet to fix the issue.

“Is it just me or have Outlook (online) spam filters gone from reasonably ok to utterly bad?,” tweeted another affected user.

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s Outlook webmail service suffered an outage.

Users reported issues while sending, receiving, or searching email through

Some users also found they were not able to connect to, seeing 500 Errors when trying to log in.

The company applied “targeted mitigation to the infrastructure, and early validation indicated recovery. The issue was fixed later.