Elon Musk has been considered a “controversial” public figure by ChatGPT in a list shared by a user on the microblogging site, along with other renowned personalities such as former US President Donal Trump, American rapper Kayne West, and more.

Twitter user Issac Latterell on Sunday shared a possible table of public figures and whether they are considered controversial listed by ChatGPT.

“ChatGPT lists Trump, and Elon Musk as controversial and worthy of special treatment, Biden and Bezos as not. I’ve got more examples. @elonmusk,” he tweeted.

To which Musk wrote, “!!”

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Moreover, the AI chatbot also tagged Russian President Vladimir Putin, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, American socialite and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, and Chinese President Xi Jinping as “controversial”, and should be treated in a “special manner”.

However, ChatGPT tagged former Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and American talk show host Oprah Winfrey as non-controversial.

Last week, Musk warned saying, one of the biggest risks to the future of civilization is AI, as ChatGPT shows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gotten incredibly advanced.

“It’s both positive or negative and has great, great promise, great capability, but, with that comes great danger,” Musk told attendees at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE, when he was asked about how he sees technology developing 10 years from now.

Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI, the US firm which developed the popular generative AI chatbot ChatGPT.

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