At the UN Generation Equality Forum in Paris on Thursday, the world’s largest social networks have committed to overhauling their moderation systems to tackle the abuse of women on their platforms.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and TikTok have signed up to the pledge, led by the World Wide Web Foundation (WWWF), to fix persistent weaknesses in how they tackle online gender-based violence.

“In discussions on gender-based violence and abuse online, women have more control over who can comment and reply to their posts, what to see online, when to see, which. We have stated that we need to choose more to look at, “WWWF said in a statement Thursday.

“Women also repeatedly emphasized the need for an improved reporting system to better support when they receive violent or abusive content.”

Tech companies have pledged at the United Nations Generation Equality Forum in Paris on Thursday. Azmina Dhrodia, Senior Policy Manager at Web Foundation, said:

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“The commitment they made today should be celebrated as a major victory and serve as a starting point for companies to address abuse of women as a top priority,” Dhrodia added.

Statistics are harsh, with 38% of women worldwide experiencing direct abuse online, rising to 45% in Gen Z and Millennials. Abuse is often much more serious for colored women, especially black women, women in the LGBTQ + community and other marginalized groups.

According to WWWF, tech companies are committed to “building a better way for women to manage their safety online” by providing finer-grained settings.

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The settings use a simpler and more accessible language throughout the user experience that allows you to view, share, comment and reply to posts, provide easy navigation and access to safety tools, and proactively reduce the amount of female abuse. It’s like reducing the burden on women by reducing it. to see.

Tara Wadhwa, Policy Director of TikTokUS, said:

Enterprises investigate and test prototypes and solutions, including features that allow women to better manage who can be involved in their posts, and more options for filtering certain types of content, and user abuse. We are working to enhance our reporting system so that we can track and manage our reports.

“Companies also ensure that solutions are addressed within a set and clear time frame, and regularly publish and share meaningful data and insights on progress in implementing these commitments,” WWWF said. Says.

The Web Foundation said it will report annually on how technology companies have made progress in achieving these efforts.