Twitter has removed captions from the company’s social audio rooms, “Spaces” on iOS, the media reported.

The company still advertises that users can enable captions in a Space by clicking the three-dot menu, but that option is currently unavailable on iOS, reports The Verge.

Moreover, captions do not appear when listening to a Spaces on the web, and while the “CC” closed captions button is present, clicking it on or off has no effect.

On Android, the option to enable captions is present, but it does not work, according to the report.

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The loss of captions in Spaces is said to be a significant blow to the platform’s accessibility, as captions can be useful for those who are hard of hearing or who want to follow a conversation but are unable to listen to the audio.

However, the reason behind the removal of captions from spaces is not yet clear

Earlier this week, Elon Musk said that the micro-blogging platform will make its algorithm “open source” next week, and improve it “rapidly”.

When Musk tweeted, “say what you want about me, but I acquired the world’s largest non-profit for $44B lol”, one user commented: “Right. Now open source it, then we’ll be truly impressed.”

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