Twitch has introduced its new “Experiments” page which will show everyone which experiments the company is working on.

“Experiments are valuable because they help us evaluate the potential impact of a product change before we release it broadly to the community,” the company said on the page.

An experiment is when the company releases a product or feature to a “subset” of the community to see how it affects their experience.

The platform also mentioned that it will update the list of experiments monthly.

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Currently, Twitch’s article lists some ongoing experiments, including the ability to identify which tags increase streamers’ chances for discovery, a feature that highlights viewer milestones to streamers and a new mobile chat mode.

To eliminate bias, experiment participants are chosen at random. Users cannot opt out of trials or be excluded from experiments by the company or by other users after they have been selected.

“To ensure we gather unbiased data and insights that reflect how members of the community use a tool or feature we’re testing, there may be scenarios where active experiments will not be listed on this page and users will not see the experiment icon,” the company said.

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