YouTube has unveiled a new look for creators’ channels on its TV app, to improve the user experience and make content more accessible on the big screen.

New features include a more modern layout, improved action buttons, and the ability to play a mix of video content.

YouTube said in its video announcing changes to creators’ pages that the update focuses on offering a more immersive layout and easier access to Subscribe.

The new design comes after the company revealed new data indicating that top creators who receive the majority of their watch time on TVs had grown more than 400 percent in the past three years.

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“Viewers want everything in one place, from a live sports game to the BBC to Khan Academy and NikkieTutorials. And they’re watching YouTube the way we used to sit down together for traditional TV shows — on the biggest screen in the home with friends and family,” YouTube CEO, Neal Mohan, said in a blog post.

According to the company, views of YouTube Shorts on connected TVs have increased by over 100 percent from January to September 2023.

The company also noted that viewers globally now watch more than 1 billion hours on average of YouTube content on their TVs every day.

Nielsen, the global leader in insights, data, and analytics, has crowned YouTube as the number-one streaming platform in the US by watch time for one full year.

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