Netflix introduced Smart Downloads features 3 years ago, so you can find the next episode of your favorite show – even when you’re on the go. Now, the company is rolling a new features that automatically download anything Netflix thinks you might want to watch.

Today we’re launching Downloads For You, a new feature that automatically downloads recommended shows or movies to your mobile device based on your tastes. Whether you’re a comedy fan stuck on a long car ride or a rom com lover without internet, we do the work so there is always something new waiting to entertain and delight you.

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Patrick Flemming, Director of Product Innovation in Netflix, wrote in a post.

You’re always in control of how much is downloaded to your device. It takes two simple steps to opt in:

  1. Go to the Downloads tab on your mobile device and toggle on Downloads For You.
  2. Choose the amount of content you want downloaded to your device (1GB, 3GB, or 5GB) and click Turn On. The more space you allow, the more recommendations Netflix will download for you.

The feature is available today on Android globally and will be available in iOS devices soon.

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