The streaming giant Netflix which has over 203 Million subscribers, is starting to roll out a test of warnings to those allegedly borrowing account login information from users outside of their home or family.

According to Gammawire, the number of users impacted seems to be relatively small. The warning pops up and requests that users verify that it is in fact their account with a verification code. In other words, if you’re borrowing your ex’s account, good luck with that text asking for them to forward you the code.

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The test, which isn’t specific to any one country for any specific length of time, is also being rolled out to try to better security measures around account protection.

Password sharing has long been a concern posed by analysts and investors in the space. Analysis from Parks Associates estimated that password sharing and piracy cost companies in the streaming space around $9 billion alone. While Hastings alongside other entertainment executives have shrugged it off as something that companies have to contend with, it appears that things are beginning to change.

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