Apple’s Spatial Video format, which launched last year exclusively for the iPhone 15 Pro models, has been a tantalizing feature for capturing immersive 3D videos. Until now, this capability was restricted to Apple’s built-in Camera app. However, the landscape is set to change with the upcoming iOS 18.

What is Spatial Video?

Spatial Video is Apple’s take on 3D video recording. By combining footage from multiple cameras, it adds depth information to videos, making them more immersive and realistic, especially when viewed on devices like the Apple Vision Pro headset. While Spatial Video can be played back on any device, the full 3D effect is currently best experienced on the Vision Pro.

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During a WWDC 2024 coding session, Apple announced that it’s opening up Spatial Video recording to third-party apps through a newly released API. This means your favorite camera apps on the App Store will soon be able to harness this powerful technology.

While iOS 18 is currently in beta, the official release is expected in September alongside the new iPhone models. Third-party apps with Spatial Video capabilities will likely start rolling out shortly after.

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