Pornhub is escalating its protest against age verification laws in the US by blocking access to its website in Indiana and Kentucky.

This move adds to the growing list of states where the adult content platform is unavailable, now totaling at least half a dozen conservative-leaning states.

The Indiana ban takes effect on June 27th, as reported by the Indiana Capital Chronicle, followed by Kentucky on July 10th, according to Kentucky Public Radio. Pornhub cites privacy concerns as the primary reason for this action, as the laws typically mandate users to upload government identification to verify their age.

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has criticized these laws, labeling them as “surveillance systems” that could potentially lead to misuse or theft of sensitive data. They argue that such measures push the internet towards a model where private data is routinely collected and sold.

Aylo, Pornhub’s parent company, has stated its support for age verification but views the current laws as “ineffective, haphazard, and dangerous.” The company claims that after implementing ID-based verification in Louisiana last year, traffic plummeted by 80%. They argue that such policies only drive users to unregulated websites that may lack proper content moderation.

In addition to Indiana and Kentucky, Pornhub access is currently blocked in Texas, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, and Utah. The company has yet to respond to requests for comment on this matter.