Google has announced that it is expanding its existing mobile feature to its communication service Chat on the web, allowing users to quickly refine search results with search chips.

The filters available to help users include– From, Said in, Date, Has file, Has link and Mentions me, Google said in a Workspace Updates blog post on Wednesday.

For example, ‘From’ filter will show messages sent from specific people. Whereas, ‘Said in’ filter will display messages said in a specific conversation or space.

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This feature does not have admin control and is available now for all users.

Meanwhile, last month, the tech giant announced that it would soon allow users to schedule recurring ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) features on its Chat platform.

After the new feature rolls out on Android, iOS, and the web, “set a do not disturb schedule” would display below the various time increments. Users can create multiple toggles and easily activate or deactivate them from the settings.

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