Instagram is experimenting with a new ad format called “ad breaks.” These ads appear within a user’s feed and force them to watch for a set duration before they can continue scrolling.

Some users have reported seeing these unskippable ads while browsing stories and posts, while others have encountered them while watching Reels. The ads typically last for a few seconds, but they can be longer depending on the advertiser.

Several X and Reddit users reported seeing the feature, and Instagram spokesperson Matthew Tye confirmed to The Verge that ad breaks are being tested.

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Instagram’s decision to test unskippable ads is a risky one. While it could potentially lead to increased ad revenue, it could also alienate users and drive them away from the platform.

The move is also reminiscent of YouTube’s unskippable ads, which have been widely criticized by users. It remains to be seen whether Instagram users will be more tolerant of forced advertising.

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