YouTube TV has rolled out major updates for Apple TV users, including improvements to picture quality.

A YouTube Community Manager recently provided an update on the latest developments for YouTube TV in a post on the YouTube TV subreddit, highlighting a number of ongoing updates.

According to the post, the multiview feature is now available to YouTube TV subscribers, with “improvements” set to be coming ahead of the NFL (National Football League) season.

The company also confirmed to be rolling out changes to transcoding, which includes a bitrate increase for 1080p content.

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“We’re testing transcoding changes, including a bitrate increase for live 1080p content over the next several weeks. These will target devices that support the VP9 codec with high-speed internet connections. If these go well, we plan to make them permanent by this summer,” YouTube said.

Moreover, the company has stated its aim to address long-standing YouTube TV issues on Apple TV, such as the black screen that appears during start-up, 4K playback issues, and the need to enable HDR support.

Additionally, the post mentioned that a new app update is set to arrive in the App Store imminently, which will address the crashing problem on first-generation Apple TV 4K units.

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