Meta has found the leaker who shared the details of the company’s unannounced virtual reality (VR) headsets with a YouTuber.

The company was investigating the source of the VR headsets’ renders that were published last year by a YouTuber named Brad Lynch.

In an internal post seen by The Verge, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth informed employees of the news earlier this week.

Bosworth said that the company has broken ties with the leaker, who was a third-party contractor.

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The leaker asked Lynch for revenue share from the YouTube ads running next to his videos.

Bosworth further mentioned that the unnamed leaker received a small sum for sharing the information with Lynch.

When Lynch was approached for comment, he didn’t deny that he split revenue from YouTube channel advertisements with the source, the report said.

“They might have asked because I wasn’t willing to give much money upfront,” he said.

“I’m just one guy who loves VR and just enjoys talking with industry friends and reporting what I hear. And I’m definitely not getting rich from it,” he added.

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