Dent token is a worldwide digital currency for mobile internet data, it allows “Data Sharing Economy” which means that the Dent users can buy, sell and donate their mobile internet data, irrespective of the user’s country or network provider through the Dent app.

Currently, the Dent company is giving away free internet data to its member upon downloading of the Dent app and registration. The Dent free internet data can be accumulated unlimitedly if the below guide is being followed thoroughly.

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80 Dents can purchase 1 GB to 2 GB Internet data and around 500 Dents can purchase a recharge card (Depending upon your network Provider).

So Here’s How You Can Get a Free Unlimited Recharge and Data

  1. First CLICK HERE TO Download Dent App.
  2. After downloading and installing the Dent app, open it and click Register.
  3. Input your mobile phone number with you country code.
  4. Input the other required details where necessary.
  5. Complete the registration and 300 Dent token will be given to you which will be used to purchased and internet data as well as mobile recharge for any network worldwide through the Dent app.
  6. To accumulate or earn more Dents click on the “invite now‘ button in the Dent app and share your links, more Dents will be given to you whenever a new user downloads and register through the link.


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