The streaming giant Netflix now lets you protect your profile with a PIN, keeping other people on your account from accessing your home screen and personalized experiences.

Here’s How To Set Up Pin Protection

  • Sign into Netflix with a web browser (account settings can’t be changed from the Netflix app on your phone or TV)
  • Click your profile photo at the upper right, and choose “Account”
  • Go down to the Profile & Parental Controls section, and click the arrow next to your profile icon to expand this area. You should then see the Profile Lock setting (which is what Netflix is calling its PIN protection feature). Click on the Change button.
  • To make sure you’re the account owner, Netflix will ask for your password. After that, you’ll see a screen where you can click “Require a PIN to access Chris’s profile” and enter your chosen PIN. (Please be more creative than my example.)
  • You can also check a box here so that your PIN is required whenever someone attempts to add a new user profile to your account

Once your PIN is set, Netflix will ask for it whenever that profile is chosen at the welcome screen. This will happen on all devices, including TVs. Note that Netflix will not ask for a PIN if your profile is the only one that exists on the account.

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Any profile on your Netflix account can be given its own PIN, but only the account holder can set them up. So if multiple people in your house want a PIN, you can look away as they enter them in once you’ve authenticated with your password.

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However, the Netflix account owner always has the power to disable the PIN and profile lock for any profile.