Cloudflare is having an outage that is affecting many sites including Discord, BleepingComputer, and other.

The issues started at around 5PM ET, and lasted nearly an hour. Patreon, Deliveroo, GitLab, Zendesk, Medium, and many other sites were also down, and Cloudflare acknowledged issues with its network affected various apps and sites.

It is not known what is causing the outage, but users will not be able to connect to the sites depending on the region you are located.

“The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented,” says Cloudflare. Discord also had “all engineers on deck investigating the issue,” and its own problems were related to the Cloudflare outage.

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This is the second major outage for Discord this year, after the service was hit with connectivity issues back in March. Discord and other web-based communications services have seen a significant increase in demand and usage since the coronavirus pandemic began, as more and more friends, families, and communities turn to these apps to stay in touch.

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