In this post, we will guide you about how to increase your YouTube audience. If you are using YouTube then it’s essential to learn how to get more subscribers as well rank in the search results.

YouTube subscribers are exactly like your other social media followers the more subscribers you have the more you can promote your business. Right now, YouTube is the leading platform for video blogging and video marketing. Therefore, if currently you are having a YouTube channel then you should understand how you can increase the reach of your YouTube videos.

On YouTube Stats, there are more than one billion users on this platform which are considered as the one-third of all internet users. With the right social media marketing techniques, you can increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Here, Abijita Foundation will teach you how to increase YouTube Subscribers. So let’s get into it.

Create high Quality Content

There is no doubt that the most important factor for growing your audience is your content. The more quality content you generate the more your audience will be grown. Valuable content always makes people like your stuff therefore, it is very important to create high quality and unique content. The best way to create YouTube content is solve as many problems as you can. Give solutions to a common person about anything which they encounter in daily life, share good experiences and tips to help people in a unique and attractive way.When you are creating video make sure create a good quality video.  That means your video content and your quality ( Camera work ) need to be perfect.

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Write perfect Tile, Description, and Tags

You need to write perfect Title, Description, and Tags when you upload a video on YouTube. Or you can edit it after you published your video. Make sure perfect title, Description, and tags help your video to get more views and comes in the search result. When your video getting more views you will automatically get subscribers. If your video is about cooking then just add tags which are related to cooking. Do not add those tags which are not related to your video. If you add tags which are not related to your video then your channel may get suspend. Because it is against YouTube policy. Tags and description of the video should match your uploaded video.

Promote Your YouTube Channel

This is the next step that you need to take forward for increasing the number of visitors for your YouTube channel. The more you promote your channel the more subscribers you will get in future. The first thing you need to do is make your channel visually alluring. For this purpose, try to make an identity and let the users recognize you instantly. This screen shot will give you some inspiration about how you can brand your YouTube channel.

Use Branded Thumbnails In Your Videos

Branded thumbnails plays an important role in the process of making your channel and videos recognizable. It also helps to customize your channel art. So, while writing a bio and adding other things don’t forget to include customize thumbnails to your videos. Before getting customize thumbnails follow these simple design tips as well:

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  • Add high-quality, high resolution images, what you need is to present your thumbnails in the best way regardless of what screen size format your videos are being viewed on.
  • Adjust your brightness and contrast meanwhile try to use filters which should be attractive and do edit your images.
  • In case, if you are relying on stock images then don’t forget to add relevant images which should be appropriate for wider audience.

Add Annotations for powerful call to action

There is no better option available for creating engagement than call to actions so don’t forget to use them. While adding annotations in your videos make sure not to over use them otherwise it will affect the user experience. Also, when you plan to add annotation make sure it should be a call to action.

Add Subscribe to Channel Link

Chances are you already have subscribe button in your YouTube channel for the public to view it. Now, what you can do additionally is add your own custom link.

Connect your Associated Website Or Blog

The best benefit that you can avail from YouTube is it allows you to link your associated website to your YouTube channel. It helps to improve the search results of your blogs and also confirm your channel as the official representation of your brand. You can go to your channel settings and attach the link of your blog or website.

Promote your videos On Different Social Platforms

Promoting your own YouTube videos is one of the best ways to increase your audience. Therefore, before uploading your videos on YouTube, don’t forget to promote it and do some work for marketing as well. In order to promote your videos, you can use different platforms including Facebook

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Make An Enthralling Channel trailer video

If you are using YouTube then you can create attractive channel trailer for welcoming your new visitors and attract them to subscribe your content.  This an open opportunity for you to sell yourself.

This is the best way that you can increase your subscribers on YouTube. If you have any question regarding this then feel free to write in the comment box.