Chip-Maker AMD has admitted that a bug is causing stuttering issues with some Ryzen chip-based PC systems after several users reported performance issues on the online discussion forum Reddit.

AMD is working on a permanent fix that should arrive in early May.

The company determined that select AMD Ryzen system configurations may intermittently perform “extended fTPM-related memory transactions in SPI flash memory (SPIROM) located on the motherboard, which can lead to temporary pauses in the system interactivity or responsiveness until the transaction is concluded”.

In simpler terms, this leads to slow PC performance or stuttering.

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For now, there is a temporary workaround for the issue.

“As an immediate solution, affected customers dependent on fTPM functionality for Trusted Platform Module support may instead use a hardware TPM device for trusted computing,” the company said in a support document.

AMD said that fixing the problem will require a motherboard system update.

“Check with your system or motherboard manufacturer to ensure that your platform supports add-in dTPM modules before attempting or implementing this workaround,” said the company.

The users will need full admin access to perform the workaround.

If you don’t want to go through the process of buying and installing a TPM chip, you can simply wait for AMD’s “flashable customer system BIOS files” to become available in early May, reports The Verge.

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