YouTube has announced that it is testing improvements to the channel page layout.

“We’re starting to test changes to creator channel pages where tabs like ‘Playlists’ won’t be shown in cases where those tabs have no content,” the company said on the ‘YouTube test features and experiments’ page.

“We’re also testing improved access to the information from the ‘About’ and ‘Channels’ tab by updating the look and feel of the channel page.”

The company is currently testing this with a limited number of viewers.

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Last month, the platform introduced an experimental feature that allows users to easily watch videos at 2x speed.

With this feature, users can long press anywhere on the player while watching a video to automatically bump the playback speed to 2x.

Another experimental feature the company announced provides bigger previews to users while seeking.

This feature will be helpful as it makes it easier for users to find the exact moment in the video that they want to watch.

The company also tested a lock screen feature, which allowed testers to disable touch input while watching a video on Android and iOS.

Last week, the video-sharing platform announced that it was testing artificial intelligence (AI) auto-generated summaries.

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