Online discussion forum ‘Reddit‘ has categorically banned its users globally from posting links to Russian state-sponsored media outlets, including RT and Sputnik, as well as Russian advertisements on its platform.

Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, and several other tech platforms have already banned RT and Sputnik in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“While many communities on Reddit already prohibited links to Russian state media outlets like RT, Sputnik, and their foreign language affiliates, we have made such restrictions universal across the site in all geographies,” the company said in a statement late on Thursday.

Furthermore, “We will continue not to accept advertisements that target Russia or originate from any Russia-based entity, government or private.”

Reddit said it is inactive contact with its moderators and communities “particularly those most affected by the conflict” to provide support, resources, and specialized tooling so they can continue to function without interference.

“We are also assisting affected Reddit colleagues in Ukraine, including providing advanced income payments and housing allowances, and supporting their relocation,” said the company.

Meta has already expanded a ban on Russian state media outlets — RT and Sputnik — on Facebook and Instagram globally to stop the flow of misinformation as Russian forces make deeper inroads into Ukraine.

Swedish music streaming giant Spotify has shut down its office in Russia and removed content from state-backed media outlets RT and Sputnik.

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