Since how long you have been using the internet? – Probably for almost one and half decade right? Despite using the internet nearly every day, we hardly know about some of its amazing and cool internet tricks and secrets as if we feel that they never exist! But they do exist, and they will make our web experience great, efficient and smooth. For example, do you know that you can delete yourself from the internet by using six easiest methods? Surprised? Well, there are ten such tricks we have up on our sleeves to surprise you. So are we ready to know about all those cool internet tricks and secrets which you thought never exist?

Is Your Account Hacked? – Know in Few Seconds

There is always a fear inside us which keeps on lingering, and that fear is whether my email account or any of the social media account is still with me or it is hacked? Here is the simple way to know it.Just go to and once the site is loaded, simply enter your email address or your social media handle in the given space bar and click on ‘pwned?’ A button next to it. The Website will let you know whether your email account or your social media account was hacked or not at any point.

To get informed about getting hacked in the future, click on ‘Notify me’ and enter your email address, check the ‘I’m not a robot’ box and then click on ‘Notify me of pwnage’ and you will be notified just in case your account is hacked.

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Now you know that you can easily know whether your internet accounts are safe or not.

Enjoy Retro Games on the Internet

Still, love those days of childhood when you used to play those games? Want to enjoy them again but don’t have a retro game console? Well, don’t worry. If Google can help us in lot many things why can’t it assist us in playing retro games on our PC? For example, just type ‘Pacman’ on the search bar and Google will give you the dodo to play Pacman which used to be one of the most popular games around when we are kids.

Use Google Proxies

Google can be helpful to you to get a free proxy. Don’t get surprised if we say that very popular Google Translate can be a good proxy for you as well! How? Here is how you can do.

  • Go to
  • Select any language other than English in the box on your left and select English as your destination language.
  • Now type in the left box and then click on the translated link, which will be a look alike.
  • After clicking on the link on the link, you got on your left box you will be using a VPN for your Twitter viewing.

Find Your Phone

If you are not able to find your phone? Don’t worry Google is there to help you. Just write ‘find my phone’ on Google search bar, and it will show you the help box right at the top of the search results. Just click on ‘Get Started.’ You may be asked to provide your Google password to remain doubly assured.

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Once done you may also ask to select the phone you wish to search from the list. So pick the phone and Google will give you the exact location of your phone.

One more thing, if you think that your smartphone is just around the corner but can’t find it, just click on ‘Ring’ or ‘Locate’ option at the bottom of the help box. Your phone will constantly ring for 5 minutes and once you find it lying between two sofas or just under the pillow, hit the power button to stop it ringing.

Kill your Boredom

Everyone needs a break to get refreshed. While working having a lunch break or a tea break is not enough to call it a break because you may still be occupied with some activity. So if you want a real benefit of a break or if you have less or no work and getting bored, then you should try Atari Breakout on Google.

Buy Me A Coffee

Just type ‘atari breakout’ on Google’s image search site and hit enter and you will be having a great time killer game at your disposal. Once you get used to it, you can improve your scoring. Once you master the game and wish that your friends should also know then also you can share your score by using the URL provided at the end of the game. Only one minus here is that Atari Breakout is very addictive, so keep that in mind always.

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Share Your WiFi with Friends Without Letting Them Know Your Password

With the help of QR Code, you can share your Twitter details easily. Similarly, you can share your WiFi details with your friends by using QR Code, and this is how you will not have to give any significant details like password, etc. and feel safe.

 Go to and fill up the required details about your WiFi and click on ‘Generate WiFi QR Code.’ This will generate an exclusive QR Code for you.

You can take a printout of that QR code and paste it on your wall. So whenever your friend or a relative is at home, just ask them to scan the QR code to get a fast and easy access to your WiFi.

This is how you are not giving your friends or relatives any important details about your WiFi and not expensing your time describing them how to connect.

View Hidden Passwords Easily

Go to any website like and fill in your login credentials with username and password. Now right click on password field and select ‘inspect.’

Now you can see the inspect window opened on the right side of your browser. In the highlighted area you can see “password” written.

All you need to do here is to replace it with “text.” So now it will read like this, input type=”text” Hit enter and check the main window on your browser; you can read the password. Isn’t it cool?

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Don’t Feel Alone Create Your Own Ambience

If you are working alone in a room and feeling bored and wants some company with a murmuring ambiance around you, then let Coffitivity does that for you. Just go to and immediately the default ambient sound of Morning Murmur will play on.

You can select range of background sound which you feel suits your mood while working alone. Remember, there is only three background sounds on Coffitivity are free, for more you need to be their premium member. Coffitivity is a good idea to kill loneliness.

Make International Google Search Engine as Default

Instead of using or etc. it is always a very good idea to use Google’s global search engine as your default search engine.To do that just go to your browser and write and hit enter. Now you will have the international Google search engine at your disposal.If you like this idea and want to continue with it every time you use the search just go to Settings and replace the current default URL with

This is how you can make the international Google search engine as your default search engine.

Delete your Accounts within Minutes

Fed up with Facebook or Twitter or any social media account or any online account for that matter and want to delete it? Well, even if you want to delete your social media account the process which you go through from that site is time-consuming and painstaking as well. But we got an excellent tool which will help you to delete any online account within minutes.

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Just go to just by c

Once you get the site result, just click on it and you will be directed straight into its delete page. Fill up the required details and delete your account. Isn’t it simple?

We are sure that you were not aware of the most of the amazing cool internet tricks and secrets we gave you above. These tricks, as we mentioned earlier, will not only smoothen your web experience but will also let you work faster on it as well.

Do let us know which coolest Internet tricks and secrets out of these attracted you the most?

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