YouTube has warned creators that it will start demonetizing kids’ channels on its platform that produce low-quality videos.

YouTube channels that primarily target young audiences are classified as “made for kids”.

“These channels will need to deliver high-quality content and comply with kids-specific monetization policies,” said James Beser, Director of Product Management, Kids and Family at YouTube.

For example, channels that have predominantly low-quality kids content such as “heavily commercial or promotional” or “encouraging negative behaviors or attitudes” may be suspended from YouTube Partner Programme.

“And if an individual video violates these quality principles, it may see limited or no ads,” Beser added in a blog post late on Monday.

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Earlier in October, YouTube shared additional monetization policies for channels that primarily create kids and family content on YouTube.

“Going forward, these principles will have not only an impact on recommendations and inclusion in YouTube Kids but also on monetization,” the company warned.

YouTube said in Q2 2021, it removed more than 1.8 million videos for violation of its child safety policies.

“We have reached out to potentially impacted creators in order to support them before these changes take effect starting next month,” the company added.

“There is a vibrant community of kids and family content creators that produce high-quality content. And we want to make sure that we’re rewarding these creators and helping them grow and succeed on YouTube,” Beser said.

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‘YouTube Kids’ is a separate app that is a filtered version of YouTube, has specific content policies and a much smaller set of channels and videos available.