YouTube will allow breastfeeding videos with nudity (but only in cases when a child is present) as well as videos with twerking, grinding, and other “sensual” types of dancing.

The company has updated its guidelines to allow new types of content to monetize adult content. The changes will also apply to gaming videos as well. Videos of “a woman breastfeeding her child with her nipples uncovered or visible and demonstrating hand expression or breast pump usage with nipples visible and a child in the scene”, can now earn ad revenue on the platform.

“We heard feedback that for many parents, videos about breastfeeding are a helpful resource as they navigate this stage of parenthood. We hope these changes can give all creators more space to share this type of content with eligibility for ad revenue,” a YouTube spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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YouTube is also removing restrictions on content that focuses on dance moves that involve grinding or twerking.

Videos of “sexy dance moves, such as gyrating or rolling one’s hips or waist, twerking or grinding, fleeting minimal clothing while dancing, fleeting caresses of sexual body parts and partnered dancers in close bodily contact”, can earn ad revenue.

The guidelines still restrict dancing videos with “deliberate and recurring breasts, butt, and genitalia”, as well as what YouTube calls “extremely minimal clothing”. Despite these changes, all content still needs to follow YouTube’s community guidelines and advertiser-friendly content guidelines for monetization purposes.

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Critics have earlier accused YouTube’s ad policies of unfairly targeting women and LGBTQ individuals.