Social media giant Facebook announced this morning it will begin testing a new experience for discovering businesses in its News Feed in the U.S. 

“As we learn from this initial test, we’ll look to expand this experience to more people and businesses,” Facebook said in a blog post on Thursday (April 15). The company said this is the first time businesses can interact as themselves in order to better connect with potential customers. “With a new dedicated business news feed, separate from your personal one, businesses can more easily engage with their communities and find relevant content from other businesses,” per the post.

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Along with news of the test, Facebook said it will roll out more tools for business owners this month, including the ability to create, publish and schedule Stories to both Facebook and Instagram; make changes and edits to Scheduled Posts; and soon, create and manage Facebook Photos and Albums from Facebook’s Business Suite. It will also soon add the ability to create and save Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts from the Business Suite mobile app.

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