Wordfence announced that all customers of Wordfence site cleaning services receive an 1-year clean site guarantee. If your site is compromised again after Wordfence team has cleaned and secured your WordPress site, Wordfence will clean it again for free.

The Wordfence Security Services Team is a group of highly experienced and deeply technical individuals from around the world who help Wordfence customers recover and secure their sites after their WordPress sites are hacked. They’ve helped thousands of customers thwart hackers, protect their WordPress sites, and deepen their security understanding after a compromise.

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Wordfence Security Services Team is expanding coverage and readiness for handling site cleaning requests. Wordfence now have team members in the USA, Europe and Australia providing around the clock coverage.

If you have requested a VIP Priority site cleaning, Wordfence team will be in contact in less than 4 hours, no matter the time of day or night, 24/7/365. This coverage includes weekends and holidays.

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