Elon Musk on Saturday threatened that advertisement revenue sharing will be paused for some creators “pending an investigation into the use of bots to spam likes, replies and direct messages (DMs).”

He also reiterated that people are spamming the X platform to earn more ad money, as the social media platform cracks down on bots.

In a post, the tech billionaire said that the point of creator payouts is to incentivize high-quality content on X.

“In some cases, we are seeing the opposite, where people are spamming the system to generate ad money. That is obviously not ok,” the X owner commented.

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Musk said ad revenue sharing will be paused for such creators.

A follower reacted, saying “The goal could be to maximise legitimate, quality, accurate, informative and entertaining content.”

X pays creators on a regular basis as it struggles to tackle a surge of spam and porn bots on its platform.

According to Musk, people running huge bot operations are reducing the content quality to a great extent.

The ban on fake engagement refers to those who use bots to artificially inflate their engagement.

The social media platform started the exercise to remove bots earlier this month.

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