OpenAI is promoting GPTs, third-party apps powered by AI models, by enabling its AI chatbot ChatGPT users to invoke them in any chat.

Users can now bring GPTs into any conversation in OpenAI’s ChatGPT

ChatGPT users can use GPTs in conversations by typing “@” and selecting one from the list. The GPT chosen will understand the full conversation and different GPTs can be “tagged in” to meet different needs and use cases.

“You can now bring GPTs into any conversation in ChatGPT – simply type @ and select the GPT,” OpenAI posted on X on Tuesday.

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“This allows you to add relevant GPTs with the full context of the conversation,” it added.

It comes weeks after ChatGPT launched the GPT Store, a marketplace for GPTs accessible through the dashboard to make GPTs more discoverable.

To access the GPT Store, users must be subscribed to one of OpenAI’s premium ChatGPT plans — ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise or the newly launched ChatGPT Team.

The Sam Altman-run company also announced it will start a revenue-sharing program with GPT creators in the first quarter of the year.

Since announcing the GPT Builder program in November, OpenAI said that more than three million GPTs have been created by users.

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