Mastodon CEO Eugen Rochko has said that the number of active users across the decentralized social media platform “rose” by 2,94,000 over the weekend.

Rochko posted on Monday, “So, weekend tally: The number of active users across Mastodon rose by 294K, and posting activity roughly tripled.”

“Lots of new sign-ups, but also many returning users. Fun times!”

In March this year, the platform announced that it crossed more than 10 million registered accounts.

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Meanwhile, last week, the company announced a new update to Mastodon for Android with a complete Material You redesign.

With the new update, users can choose to hide boost/favorite counters, remind themselves to add alternative text for media uploads, change their default posting language, hide all content warnings and much more.

The company also added filter management into the app. So, users can now view, edit and create filters for specific phrases or keywords, and customize how and where exactly those filters apply.

Moreover, the platform added the ability for users to temporarily pause all notifications.

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