Ticketmaster, the global ticketing giant, has officially confirmed a major data breach after a cybercriminal group listed a massive trove of stolen user data for sale on the dark web.

Ticketmaster Entertainment, LLC is an American ticket sales and distribution company based in Beverly Hills, California with operations in many countries around the world. In 2010, it merged with Live Nation under the name Live Nation Entertainment.

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“On May 20, 2024, Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. (the “Company” or “we”) identified unauthorized activity within a third-party cloud database environment containing Company data (primarily from its Ticketmaster LLC subsidiary) and launched an investigation with industry-leading forensic investigators to understand what happened,” Live Nation shared in a Friday night SEC filing.

“We are working to mitigate risk to our users and the Company, and have notified and are cooperating with law enforcement. As appropriate, we are also notifying regulatory authorities and users with respect to unauthorized access to personal information.”

The notorious hacking group ShinyHunters claimed responsibility for the breach, advertising 1.3 terabytes of stolen Ticketmaster data, including full names, addresses, phone numbers, partial credit card information, and other sensitive details of an estimated 560 million customers.

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