LinkedIn has rolled out new tools to help job seekers feel safe and confident in their job search.

The new tools include — Job verifications, Profile verifications, and Message warnings.

LinkedIn will now start to show ‘verifications related to a job post’, displaying verified information about a job poster or their company.

“When you see verifications on job posts, that means there is information that has been verified as authentic by the job poster, LinkedIn, or one of our partners,” LinkedIn said in a blog post on Monday.

According to the company, these new verifications help job seekers feel confident in their search and allow recruiters to build trust with potential candidates.

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“Verifications on job postings are just rolling out, and as we expand access to our free verification tools, you’ll see even more across the jobs you’re exploring,” said LinkedIn.

Moreover, under Profile verifications, the company rolled out new freeways users can verify their identity, work email addresses, and workplaces on LinkedIn.

With the Message warnings tool, the company will now alert users if messages on LinkedIn include high-risk content that could impact their security.

For instance, the company will alert users if a message asks them to take the conversation to another platform, as that can sometimes be a sign of a scam. If something doesn’t feel right, these warnings will also give them the choice to report the content without letting the sender know.

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