Spotify has said that it is testing a redesign of its user profiles, including a card-style layout that allows users to establish more of a social identity on the platform while also providing easy access to its unique features, such as personalized recommendations, Blend playlists, co-listening experience, and more.

According to TechCrunch, the changes were first spotted by American blogger Chris Messina, who shared screenshots of the tests on Twitter, mentioning the extra cards on profiles, as well as how the new layout directed users to press a button to “discover more features”.

The company, however, did not commit it would make the feature available for everyone at any particular time.

“We routinely conduct a number of tests. Some of those tests end up informing our user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We don’t have anything further to share at this time,” a company spokesperson was quoted as saying.

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Moreover, the report said, in the revamped user profiles, users will find a new heading at the top of the screen, which appears more like something they’d see on a social network.

There’s also a fun feature that will supposedly allow users to set a “vibe” above their name to spice up their profile.

On the new profiles, users can also find live events, “like” more songs to enhance recommendations, create Blends with friends, check out Spotify’s new audiobooks and more under the “Discover more features” section.

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The profiles also include a message at the bottom that says “View more cards”, implying that there will be more additions to this area beyond the playlists and recently played artistes, the report said.

Meanwhile, Spotify has introduced its new “Niche Mixes” feature which is a set of personalised playlists that combines all the Mixes offered in a playful way.