Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites around the globe. You can share almost anything you want, and at the same time, you can learn a lot about your friends and family.

You can also connect with old friends from the past and you can make new friends as well. To prevent your relationship status from falling into the “it’s complicated” category, it could be time to sign off social media.

According to a survey of 2,000 British adults, one in seven people have considered divorce because of their spouse’s activities on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms.

This can be a lot of fun. But, at the same time, it can cause you to feel insecure. If you are in a relationship and you start seeing your friends and family’s photos of relationships that probably show them happy and in love all the time, you may start feeling insecure about your own relationship, especially if you are having relationship problems at the time.

It’s easy to compare yourself to others on Facebook. I think this is actually a natural part of being a human being. I think it’s important not to let Facebook dictate your relationship for you. Some experts believe the pressure to post the “right” relationship photo makes it difficult to be present for our partners and live in the moment. A study published in 2016 revealed that the more selfies posted on platforms like Instagram, the higher the likelihood of relationship conflicts and jealousy, particularly when those images get significant attention.

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The truth is a good amount of tech-related conflicts happen in relationships: 42 percent report being distracted by their phones, 18 percent argue about the amount of time spent online, and 8 percent have conflicts due to what a partner does online.

The way someone chooses to portray their relationship on social media is a personal decision, and many happy, fully functional relationships are broadcasted on social. And for good reason: Acute post can be a wonderful way to make your spouse feel appreciated if that’s their “love language.”Here are some reasons why social media are killing your relationships.

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Facebook Can Cause Relationship Problems

Needless to say, this can cause your partner to get jealous, especially if you are commenting on your friends’ photos and status all day, rather than spending quality time with your partner. Also, this can allow an ex to see you on Facebook. If your partner would like to spend time with you and you are on Facebook, your partner will feel left out. If you feel like you have to respond to Facebook right away, then this could be a problem. Your partner wants to feel like a priority in your life, don’t let Facebook get in the way.

Oversharing Can Cause BIG arguments

A lot of people want to share the good times in their life on Facebook. This can be fine, most of the time. But, some people may see this as self-indulgent or tacky. Also, some people like to share more than others. This is a good time to have a conversation with your partner about social media. Your partner may not be as excited to share on Facebook as you. Or, only want certain things shared. It’s alright to have differences about sharing on Facebook. But, try to come to a compromise on this. That way no one gets their feelings hurt.

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Social Media Can Cause Big Misunderstanding

In the days where social media rules, it can be anyone’s game. You may see a post from a friend that has your partner in it. You thought he was at work that day, turns out he wasn’t. Maybe this was a misunderstanding, maybe it wasn’t. Not only can this cause problems with your partner, but it can cause problems with your friends.

Past Photos Of You With Your Ex

Yes, those photos are still out there. This means there is the possibility of your ex seeing them. This may make you feel creepy or like you haven’t moved on. You may decide to take those photos down. You may also ask your friends and family to remove the photos. The decision is yours. The question is: is this causing tension in your relationship? If the answer is “yes”, then I would look into removing the photos.It’s important to remember, that you can’t keep a secret on Facebook. Whatever you post, will be seen by a lot of people. So, select carefully what you decide to post. A lot of these problems could be due to underlying problems in the relationship. If that’s the case, you want to start talking about these problems.

Social media can also trigger jealousy between partners. it can be a wonderful way of keeping in touch with family and friends, but it can also put added strain on a relationship. To avoid unnecessary tension, the law firm that conducted the survey suggests heeding this advice: don’t post in anger, be respectful, be transparent, check your privacy settings, and limit usage.

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