Streaming giant Netflix has announced that it will bring 40 more games later this year, and also 70 titles are in development with its partners.

“That’s in addition to the 16 games currently being developed by our in-house game studios,” the company said in a statement.

“Our goal is to develop a broad portfolio of games– in different genres and formats– because we believe everyone can find joy in games if they discover the one (or many!) that is right for them.”

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In January this year, the platform launched ‘Valiant Hearts: Coming Home’, the first of three exclusive games from Ubisoft on Netflix.

Now, the new game from Ubisoft will be launched on April 18– Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace.

“Next year, ustwo’s brilliant and beautiful Monument Valley franchise is coming to Netflix, starting with Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2, with more to come,” it added.

The company further mentioned that it is working with the game developer Super Evil Megacorp (Vainglory, Catalyst Black) on an exclusive title based on an upcoming Netflix release.

For this month, the company introduced two new games– ‘Highwater’, which is now available; and ‘Terra Nil’, which will be launched on March 28.

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