Apple Fitness+ has expanded its selection of workouts for mothers, with a collection of videos to help with regaining fitness following a pregnancy.

The workouts are intended to help users “feel stronger and more energetic as you take on the daily demands of parenthood”, reports AppleInsider.

The series starts with Core workouts followed by upper-body, lower-body, and total-body Strength workouts that use the participant’s body weight or a single light to the medium-weight dumbbell.

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The Mindful Cooldowns include stretches targeting common post-pregnancy tight spots, as well as meditations focusing on patience and self-care.

Guidance is also offered throughout to make exercises more comfortable “no matter what type of delivery you had”, but Apple does advise to check with healthcare providers before starting any new exercises.

The exercises are all led by trainer Betina Gozo, who also presented the workouts for the “Stay Active During Pregnancy” series Apple released for the service in April 2021.

Apple Fitness+ costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 annually, and is included in the top-tier Apple One subscription.

A three-month trial is offered as part of a new Apple Watch purchase.

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