Microsoft has announced the integration of Snapchat Lenses in Teams to make the virtual meet more expressive, which will be available to users globally starting this week.

“Starting this week, a collection of 20+ of the most popular Snapchat Lenses are available to Teams customers globally, giving you more ways to express yourself, build relationships, and let your meetings shine,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

Moreover, the company said there is no need to download anything or add a new app to Teams to access Snapchat Lenses as it is already available and ready to use.

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Users can start using Lenses by clicking on ‘Video Effects’ and selecting the ‘Snapchat’ tab.

With the Lenses, they can transform themselves into cartoon characters or add fun backgrounds to their videos.

Further, the tech giant said that those who prefer to keep their video feed free of effects, they can simply choose not to use them, as Snapchat Lenses are completely optional.

Users can also try out the ‘smooth look’ filter for a ‘glow up’ to show up polished and camera-ready — no animations included, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced to roll of the 3D avatars feature for all Teams users starting in May.

Microsoft Teams avatars are intended to help people avoid appearing on camera during meetings.