Microsoft on Friday revealed its best Xbox games of 2022 that gamers will want to get their hands on to wrap up the year.

Starting with the racing game of the year, the latest edition of the “Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels” has been specially enhanced for Xbox Series X/S.

With photorealistic graphics, authentic sounds, a life-like environment, and immense detailing, it sets the tone for next-gen gaming.

The next in the line is “Sea of Thieves”, which lets gamers sail the open seas as a pirate with fellow shipmates, looting islands, tackling a gigantic Kraken, and sinking other ships.

“Grounded”, which tells the story of a shrunken teenager trying to return to normal size while navigating Grounded’s reactive world, is one of the best survival games of the year, the company mentioned.

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With new creatures, locations, and surprises, it puts gamers’ creative skills to the test.

“Gears 5”, packed with horror, action, and power gives gamers the satisfaction of a quick reload, also the captivating storytelling, shooting mechanics, and excellent graphics give the game an edge.

The third-person shooter game is the sixth entry in the franchise and direct sequel to Gears of War 4, continuing the story of the Coalition of Ordered Government’s (COG) fight against an enemy force — the Swarm.

Lastly, a murder mystery game, “Pentiment”, inspired by medieval art and weaves an unmatched narrative, lets players shape their character into anything from a pious theologian to a rebellious hooligan in 16th-century Italy.

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Diving deep into history, this game has charm and appeal from and for the ages, said the company.