Microsoft has restricted users from running game emulations on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

According to PCMag, it has been possible for users to play classic PlayStation 2 and GameCube games on Xbox consoles despite a longstanding ban on game emulation.

Before the crackdown, anyone could access and install emulator software via direct links on the console’s Edge browser.

Now, users attempting to download emulators on an Xbox console are encountering error messages that read, “Unable to launch this game or app. The game or app you’re trying to launch violates Microsoft Store policy and is not supported”.

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In response to the crackdown, a legal emulator called gamr13 tweeted: “For the past 2 years we’ve promoted legal emulation on a popular platform that people have genuinely enjoyed. It’s a true shame to see Xbox crack down on emulation for those who can’t afford Developer Mode or don’t have the means to purchase it. This is a shot in the face”.

According to Kotaku, Microsoft’s policies legally prohibit emulations, but the corporation has historically looked the other way, the report mentioned.

“We continually evolve our mechanisms for reviewing and taking enforcement actions on content distributed to the Store to ensure alignment with our Microsoft Store Policies,” Microsoft was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has stopped its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscription platforms, which allowed users to try the service for $1 for the first month before upgrading to more expensive plans.

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The trial was available for years but wasn’t always available in some markets, and it appears Microsoft is now considering new promotions for new Game Pass members, reports The Verge.